The carbonate mineral calcite is a calcium carbonate corresponding to the formula CaCO3 and is one of the most widely distributed minerals on the Earth’s surface.Calcite crystals are hexagonal-rhombohedral, though actual calcite rhombohedrons are rare as natural crystals. However, they show a remarkable variety of habit including acute to obtuse rhombohedrons, tabular forms, prisms, or various scalenohedrons.At Ashapura China Clay, processed or refined calcite is available in white powder form, granule cum powder form, and in lumps form.
ASHA CARB 2powderPaints, Plastic, Paper
ASHA CARB 5powderPaints, Plastic, Paper
ASHA CARB 8powderPaints, Plastic, Paper
ASHA CARB 10powderPaints, Plastic, Paper
ASHA CARB 20powderPaints, Plastic, Paper, Rubber
ASHA CARB 40powderPaints, Plastic, Paper, Rubber
ASHA CARB 70powderPaints, Plastic, Paper, Rubber